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My Top 10 Hikes of 2018

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

And just like that, it's already time for me to share my top 10 hikes of 2018! This year I completed a bit less than last year, coming in at 33 hikes - but, I got some international ones to add to the list. All were pretty awesome and most doable for any level hiker, so I hope you enjoy this year's list of my top 10 hikes of 2018:

1. Taughannock Falls, Ithaca NY

Length: 1.9 miles out and back | Level: Easy | Duration: 1-2 hours | Elevation: 225 | Dogs: Yes on-leash

Directions and full hike info here

Taughannock Falls Ithaca

My very first hike of 2018, on New Years Day is fitting to kick this list off. It was my first time participating in this really fun program called, First Day Hike that is put on by the Parks & Rec group in upstate New York. It's by far the coldest hike I've ever done at a whopping 8 degrees. Though freezing temperatures, thousands of people showed up making it a great way to start the new year and get such amazing shots of the frozen falls!

2. The Bridge to Nowhere, Asuza CA

Length: 10 miles out and back | Level: Moderate - multiple river crossings, but nothing too extreme | Duration: 4-6 hours | Elevation: 900 Dogs: Yes on leash | Parking fee: $5 - you must have an Adventure Pass to park here.

Directions and full hike info here

The bridge to nowhere

My first official group hike of 2018, this hike had been on my bucket list for quite some time! One of the last pieces of architecture standing from the old gold mining era, the historic Bridge to Nowhere is accessible for all level hikers and provides for a great adventure out in the wilderness of the San Gabriel mountains. Best done with friends!

3. The Path of the Gods, Amalfi Italy

Length: 5 miles one way | Level: Hard | Duration: 3 hours | Elevation: 587 | Dogs: Yes on-leash

Directions and full hike info here

The path of the gods

The hardest hike I completed all year not due to the trail, but the amount of grueling stairs at the end! This gorgeous hike begins and ends in two separate cities on the Amalfi Coast so you'll need to plan which one you'd like to start at and take the bus when you finish. You'd need a lot of time and some hard core stamina if you try this roundtrip! I started at Bomerano, and ended in Positano which is the most common route as you keep those 1500 or so stairs for the end to go down vs up. Worth the pain and agony in the end as there is nothing more breathtaking than walking along half of the Amalfi Coast!

4. Lookout Mountain Ridge Trail, Phoenix AZ

Length: 1-1.5 miles roundtrip | Level: Moderate | Duration: 1 hour | Elevation: 500 | Dogs: Yes on leash

Directions and full park info here

lookout mountain phoenix

The quickest hike with one of the best payoffs! This short hike right in the center of Phoenix gets you to this great view in less than an hour. Perfect and beautiful way to spend an afternoon there if you are short on time and need a dose of nature.

5. Sherwin Lakes Trail, Mammoth Lakes CA

Length: 4.5 miles out and back | Level: Easy-Moderate | Duration: 2-3 hours | Elevation: 700 | Dogs: Yes on-leash

Directions and full hike info here

sherwin lakes trail

Every year I make a trip or two to Mammoth with this crew and we always discover a new trail! There's a ton of lakes to hike to in this area but this one was one was great because it seemed to have lower traffic than the other popular Mammoth hikes, and the beautiful lakes at the end make for another perfect payoff!

6. Snow Lake Trail, Seattle WA

Length: 6.4 miles out and back | Level: Moderate | Duration: 3 hours | Elevation: 1669| Dogs: Yes on leash

Directions and full hike info here

snow lake trail

My first hike ever in Seattle and after this stunning experience, I can't wait to do more! This trail really had it all - beautiful foliage, sweeping views as you make your way up the switchbacks, and this sweet spot right here waiting for you once you reach the summit.

7. Vasquez Rocks Trail, Palmdale CA

Length: 3.5 -5.9 mile loop | Level: Easy | Duration: 2-3 hours | Elevation: 325 | Dogs: YES on leash

Directions and full hike info here

vasquez rocks

This famous rock formations trail is another fun one for a group outing! Perfect for a day-trip from Los Angeles as it's about an hour north, even connects to the Pacific Crest Trail if your planning a few stops on that. Best done in the fall and winter months to avoid the heat, and even better after a rainfall so you can enjoy this crystal clear landscape as a backdrop for your photos!

8. Tom Thumb's Trail, Scottsdale AZ

Length: 4.6 miles out and back | Level: Moderate - Hard only due to some steep ascents | Duration: 3 hrs Elevation: 1200 | Dogs: YES on leash

Directions and full hike info here

tom thumb's trail

I've done this trail both times that I have visited Scottsdale, and I love it! It's the perfect length for the high ascent which makes it a great workout--especially the day after Thanksgiving!

9. Skyline Trail, Bath England

Length: 6 mile loop | Level: Easy | Duration: 3-4 hours depending on how many stops you choose Elevation: 600 | Dogs: Yes on leash

Directions and full hike info here

skyline trail bath england

If you want to take a fairly easy trek through a land that feels like a fairy tale, then this is the hike for you. Bath is one of the most beautiful cities you will visit in England, and what better way to get a full taste of this storybook town then a trek around it. Beautiful greenery, a castle, vast green farmlands, and a stunning view of the entire city, there's nothing about this trek you won't enjoy!

10. Los Liones Trail, Pacific Palisades CA

Length: 6.5 miles out and back, or 5 if you create a loop | Level: Moderate | Duration: 3 hours

Elevation: 1125 | Dogs: NO

Directions and full hike info here

This gorgeous trail is a staple here for Los Angeles locals. Though I've lived here for close to 20 years now, I only now made it here this year! The main trail is out-and-back running close to about 6.5 miles. But there are a few offshoots here where you can create a loop if you are up for getting off the main track for a bit. Either way you choose, when you make it to this Parker Mesa view point, you won't be disappointed!

That wraps up my top 10 list of hikes for 2018! Hope you enjoyed them! What were your favorites? Send me a DM or leave me a comment! Would love any suggestions for 2019. Happy New Year everyone!

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