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SuperBLOOM! Visiting Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Yes, you've heard about superbloom, and yes it's happening! All over Los Angeles and surrounding southern California areas, wildflowers and poppies are in full bloom thanks to all this wonderful rain we've had this winter. There are quite a few places within reasonable driving distance from Los Angeles, and some even right in the heart of the city as well. Antelope Poppy Reserve is one of the best places to view them, and it's not a far drive. Just about an hour to Lancaster is where you will find it, and there's plenty of walking trails within the reserve to explore and view all the flowers. Here's all the info on how to get there and what to expect:

Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve lies just north of Palmdale off the 14. You will also pass Vasquez Rocks Park on the way, and it's easy to do both of these parks while you are up in the area.

antelope valley poppy reserve

Fields of poppies are in full bloom right now, so make your way to Antelope Poppy Reserve to go check em out! The park does tend to get packed this time of year, so you can either park on the street outside the entrance or the reserve, or plan to wait in line to park in the actual lot for a $10 fee. As you approach, you will see people all over taking photos even before you get to the entrance. Please be respectful of the flowers as we do want them to last. Preserving natural beauty is way more important than the perfect Instagram photo!

antelope valley poppy reserve

Now once you are in the park, a map is available and you will see that there are several easy trails that all connect and loop around. It's about 7 miles in total length. Depending on how windy the weather is, you can easily spend a few hours just walking, taking photos and enjoying the scenery. This is an easy day walk and since all the trails do eventually connect you can walk farther out to avoid the main crowded areas. It can get windy and chilly up there so be sure to dress in layers.

antelope valley poppy reserve

Please note, you cannot walk or sit amongst the poppy fields. As I had mentioned above about preserving nature, they are very strict about this in order to protect the flowers. All of the flowers would be crushed if they let people off the trail trying to get that perfect photo, so if you are looking for the shot within the flowers, you will need to do that outside of the park as gently as possible!

antelope valley poppy reserve

A few facts to know about Antelope Canyon Poppy Reserve before you go:

  • The fields are kept in a strictly natural state, therefore California State Parks does not water or stimulate the flowers in any way

  • Park rules exclude cattle and sheep from grazing the hillsides

  • With the exception of service dogs, pets are prohibited

  • The California state flower is the poppy!

  • Other wildflowers within the reserve include the owl's clover, lupine, goldfields, cream cups and coreopsis

antelope valley poppy reserve

When it rains consistently in the winter here in California, the flowers come out in full force. Since it has been pretty dry these past few years, we have not seen these poppies this full and lush in quite some time which is why areas like this have become so popular to visit and to photograph!

antelope valley poppy reserve

This photo here is me sitting on the very edge of the path. The wind was also insanely strong with gusts of wind that are making the flowers look matted here. The wind was so strong it also kept me from exploring all the trails. Be sure to check for that before you visit so you can dress accordingly- that sun dress and hat might not work so well!

Address to the park is below- I hope you enjoy your visit!

Address to the park:

15101 Lancaster Rd

Lancaster, CA 93536

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