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5 Favorites in Zion National Park

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Zion National Park ranks as one of my top national parks in the US. From the instant you drive into the park, there's an immediate sense of awe due to the dramatic rock formations, canyons and overall landscape that makes you realize how significant our planet is! I love Zion National Park and feel I have barely scratched the surface of it in my two times visiting. Though it is easy to spend a week or more here, here's a few of my favorites that can easily be done in a 3 day weekend.


Quick Info: Bottom-Up Day Hike

Length: 8-10 miles RT| Level: Moderate - flat hike, but level can vary depending on river water flow and height. | Duration: 4-6 hours

Elevation: gradual ascent up the river | No permit required | Official Website

The Narrows

This is my favorite hike in the park, and might even be my favorite hike ever! Don't be intimidated by The Narrows. It's doable for all level hikers as it's primarily flat, you just need to be comfortable walking through water. The gear that I highly recommend renting at the Zion Adventure Company makes it easy to enjoy though. The great thing about this experience is you can make it as long or short as you like and still get a lot out of it. If you aren't up for a full day of hiking, there are some beautiful scenic points to experience without getting all the way to wall street, so just walk as far as you feel and turn around. To get the full gist on my 10 mile round trip trek in The Narrows, head on over to my other post here. Always check the weather before attempting this hike!

The Narrows

Still intimidated by The Narrows? No worries, The Riverside Walk pictured above is the very beginning of the experience, is wheelchair/stroller friendly, and you can get some gorgeous shots like the above view without taking a step in the water!


Quick Info: Length: 1mile RT| Level: Easy | Duration: 1-2 hours | Elevation: 150 | No permit required

The Canyon Overlook

Often overlooked (no pun intended) to do the other big favorites in the park, this trail is a good one if you aren't an avid hiker but want to get a similar view to what you'd see climbing Angel's Landing. I like this trail as it's quick one to do with a big payoff. There is a bit of an ascent in the beginning but nothing too hard, and since the top is pretty flat, it's a great spot to hang out a bit and have lunch while you enjoy the view!


Quick Info: Length: approx 2-3 miles RT | Level: Easy to lower pool, moderate to the middle, a little strenuous to upper

Duration: 1-3 hours | Elevation: 200 | No permit required

The emerald pools

A Zion classic and an easy accessible hike for all levels. This is one of the prettier trails in Zion that features majestic backdrops of Lady Mountain, the Great White Throne, Red Arch Mountain and cliffs in all directions as you hike to different sets of oasis type pools. There are three pools to see on this trail, lower, middle and upper, and each are all about a mile apart. The lower pictured above, is the first one to see just over a mile in, while both the middle and upper each follow for a couple more miles as you make your way up the trail. During the wetter seasons the waterfalls are more flowing and you will be able to capture some great reflections in the pools.


Quick Info: Length: 5.4 miles out and back | Level: Hard | Duration: 3-5 hours | Elevation: 1500 | No permit required

Angel's Landing

The super popular Angel's Landing is the number one hike in Zion National Park. It's so famous now that there are actually lines that form early on weekends (even worse on holidays) just to get to the trailhead to start the hike. If it is your first attempt at Angel's Landing, I'd avoid it on the weekends as the crowds are just as stressful as the hike itself.

Angel's Landing

I wish I could ease any concerns about doing this hike, but it is in fact as scary as it looks. If you are an experienced hiker up for a challenge and can get over any fear of heights, I definitely recommend checking this off your bucket list. It's pretty incredible, and one of the most challenging hikes I've ever done. If you have a slight fear of heights but can handle yourself on other difficult trails, I still suggest trying it out and at least making it up to Scout's Lookout. Pictured above, it's the stop before the final ascent over the spine and to the top of the ridge on Angel's Landing. There are plenty of gorgeous views in both directions at this spot!

Angel's Landing

Continuing on past here, will bring you up over the main ridge to the top of the hike where you'll see a full 360 view of the below. Head on over to my Facebook page here to view the 360 shot from the top. It's pretty epic, but up to you to decide if worth scrambling up all those chains. This is an amazing hike no matter how far you choose to explore.


Quick Info: Length: .5 miles out and back | Level: Easy but steep | Duration: 1 hour | Elevation: 100 | No permit required

Weeping Rock

Another popular and easily accessible trail, Weeping Rock is a great little hike that provides a stunning view of the Great White Throne from under lush hanging gardens that provide a pretty mist due to the water from the above canyons. This is the shortest trail in the park, making it a great one to do with kids or those who are novice hikers. It's also stroller and wheelchair friendly! Those looking for a longer hike, can opt to take the trailhead up to Observation Point which also begins here.

Other trails in Zion National Park that I haven't done yet but are worth checking out. Please note, some require permits!

Hope you enjoyed this list and it inspires you to get out and explore Zion National Park! If you have any favorites that aren't on this list, send me a DM or leave me a comment with more suggestions.

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