Top 5 Things to do in Borrego Springs, CA

Updated: Jun 17

Borrego Springs California is one of those off the beaten track desert communities that you can't help but fall in love with. It's eclectic, artistic and hippie charm, make it easy to visit and want to get lost and explore awhile. It's the only city in California to be surrounded by a huge and beautiful state park—the biggest in the state—which is a prime attraction there along with it's fabulous night skies and funky art scene.

Like most desert towns, Borrego Springs is hot and dry. The cooler temperature months between November and March are the perfect time to visit, but if you don't mind the heat, summer can be just as fun! If you've got a weekend or more to spend, here's what not to miss:


Quick Info: Official Website

Fees: $10 per vehicle | Camping: YES | Dogs: Only allowed in campgrounds and designated roads and trails

At 600,000 acres, Anza-Borrego is the largest state park in California, and a place you'll want to spend most of your time in when visiting Borrego Springs! Just 2 hours from San Diego, and just over 3 from Los Angeles, this park features some of the most diverse desert landscapes in the country. It's part of the Colorado desert, and is filled with over 110 miles of hiking trails, and 500 miles of off-road/dirt roads allowing for lots of time to explore. There's a lot to cover here, and something for everyone which is why one trip just won't be enough.


Length: 3.2 miles RT | Level: Easy | Duration: 1-2 hours | Elevation: 425 | Fees: $10 State Park Entrance

Dogs: NO

Directions and full hike info here

Ready to see some random palm trees in the desert? And no, they weren't planted there--this popular hike in the Anza-Borrego State Park, Palm Canyon is a fun trail that takes you through a rocky desert landscape to a hidden little natural palm grove. Grab the map at the visitor center and begin the trail right by the Borrego Palm Canyon Campground. It's a beautiful hike that follows a stream up through to the wild palm grove. Wildlife are also present here as many big horn sheep frequent the spot. It's a real desert oasis!


Length: OHV 4 miles out and back | Duration: 1-2 hours | Elevation: 1253 | 4x4 Vehicle: strongly recommended

Directions and full info here

If you have a 4x4 or AWD vehicle, this spot is a must see to get one of the best overlook views you will see in southern California. Some people call this the Grand Canyon of California, but it reminded me more of the Badlands National Park in South Dakota. The layers and colors on this sweeping desert landscape are really incredible! When visited at sunrise you can see the sun coming up over the Salton Sea. I ventured out there at dusk on a rainy overcast day which did help with the sand trail as at the time I did not have a 4x4 vehicle. The park strongly encourages a 4x4 vehicle on this road. I would only proceed without one if you have a vehicle that is a truck with good tires that you trust to handle well and have off-roaded before.


Length: 2.3 mile loop | Level: Easy | Duration: 1-2 hours | Elevation: 300 | Dogs: NO

Directions and full hike info here

My favorite hike in the park! The Slot is super fun, and definitely a place that everyone should explore on your visit. It's Borrego's slot canyon trail, similar to the larger favorites like Antelope Canyon but on a smaller scale. Unlike Antelope, you can get more intimate with this as you can explore weaving and squeezing in and out of the canyons yourself. Some places can be tight, but it is really cool and such a fun way to spend the afternoon. The slanted rock slab bridging a narrow gap (above) is a notable picture spot in the Slot, and is visible not too far from the entrance. This is a very flat hike, with just a small descent into the canyon so it is accessible for all levels. This trail can be done as loop to see the whole thing, or a simple in and out—go as far as you like and turn back.


Taking a trip to Borrego Springs wouldn't be complete without checking out the art scene. These famous sculptures known as Galleta Meadows are iconic to the town, and a whole bunch of different creatures—dinosaurs, prehistoric elephants, and much more are scattered all around. Many of them you can see just by driving around as they are out in the open plains and are visible from the streets. The sea dragon is the biggest of all the sculptures and it crosses a main road so it is impossible to miss. Created by sculptor Ricardo Breceda, pick up a detailed map at the Anza-Borrego Desert Natural History Association bookstore to find them all!


  • When to visit? Borrego Springs is beautiful all year round, but the most mild climate is in the winter months, November- March.

  • Do I need a 4x4? No, but it is great if you have one due to the many OHV trails you can explore.

  • What's the weather like? It is a dry desert heat. In summer expect high temperatures up in the 100s (F), with evenings in the 70s (F) and in the winter highs will be 60s (F) with cold nights down to the 30s (F).

  • Where to stay? Camping is available anywhere in the park, even outside of campgrounds. Or, there are several affordable local resorts and motels. Borrego Springs Resort is great, as is Palm Canyon Hotel & RV Resort which offers standard hotel rooms as well as glamping and RV options.


  • It’s an official International Dark Sky Community—the first and only one in California—dedicated to protecting the night sky from light pollution. Star tours can be booked here at Borrego Night Sky Tours

  • Much of Anza-Borrego is wild and remote, accessible only via primitive roads or on foot—so rent that 4x4 if you have too!

  • Just over 3000 people live in this small community, and tourism is its primary industry.

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